Project  Videos
  1. Educating a Village - One Child at a Time
    Orphaned or not, every child deserves an opportunity to be educated. Trustlines Development Network awards scholarships to students at Mirembe Progressive School, in Zirobwe -- Luwero District , Uganda.
  2. Raising a Village - One Egg at a Time
    On this trip, we implemented one of our programs, “Raising a Village - One Egg at a Time”, we visited families with nutritionally vulnerable infants and children, gave them hens and roosters, and encouraged them to add eggs to their diets to improve nutrition and growth.
  3. Backpacks for Uganda - One Child at a Time
    A few lucky children in Ajiija, Buikwe in Uganda, were ready for school because they received backpacks and other school supplies, thanks to the children at Church of the Ascension in New York, friends at AppHealthCare in Boone, North Carolina and members of St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Boone, North Carolina.
  4. Empowering a Village - One Girl at a Time
    The lack of sanitary pads should not derail a girl's education and future. Girls from various Uganda rural areas will likely skip fewer classes, thanks to the generosity of friends through Trustlines Development Network, Inc.
  5. Mirembe Progressive Dance Welcomes Trustlines
    The School was founded by concerned parents. The parents wanted to introduce an alternative education that is child centered. Some of the dancers are beneficiaries of Trustlines Development Network scholarships program.
Vumbula Uganda - Discover Uganda - Gudua Uganda
  1. Buganda Desecration Part 1
    Events that preceded the raid on the Palace
  2. Buganda Desecration Part 2
    Eye witnesses to the actual 1966 attack.
  3. Ugandan-American Scientist
    Explaining her reasearch in Luganda
  4. Explaining America
    Explainging America to Ugandans
  5. Women in Uganda History Part 1
    Women's strides in Uganda have been slow but sure. The video looks at the pioneers of the women struggle for equality.
  6. Women in Uganda History Part 2
    Gender struggles have persistedfor many generations. Some of the pioneering women in Uganda are featured.
  7. Amanda Sekeba - Zina (Dance) 2017
    Ugandan singer Amanda Sekeba - sings Zina (2017) meaning DANCE (2017) in Luganda.
  8. The Late Abu Mayanja on Mutesa II, Obote I, Amin, and Museveni
    Uganda Oral History - What preceded the Buganda-Uganda 1966 crisis? The late Abu Mayanja, former minister of education explains that the 1966 crisis was actually a UPC crisis. A must watch interview of oral history about Uganda, Buganda, Mutesa II, Obote II, Idi Amin, Obote II and Museveni.
  9. Woes of Regime Changes
    From President Sir Edward Muteesa II to President Yoweri Museveni, Uganda has undergone 9 regime changes since 1962. Public reactions that followed each change are documented with brief clips of key problematic regime leaders.
  10. Ties that Bind - Omuziro Mmamba
    Just for fun - first generation American kid, Semuwemba, attempts his parent's language. He learns Luganda, one phrase at time
  11. Ties that Bind - Omuziro Ngabi
    Musings of Nabukenya, first generation American, explores her roots on a trip to Uganda.
  12. Re-learning Luganda
    Nakamatte came to the United States when she was 4 years old. She now attempts to re-learn her father's language, Luganda - no easy fit. Later, she might attempt Lusoga, her mother's language.
  13. Resilience of Grace Semakula-Musoke
    Veteran journalist Grace Semakula-Musoke remembers his last words with Sir Edward Muteesa during the 1966 crisis.