The community projects' success relies on sharing of ideas, show  and tell, involving young children, celebrating and rewarding achievement, as well as collaborating with local residents

Trustlines expects to sustain project activity through:

Sharing of Ideas - Participants share creative ideas with others via the project coordinator and educator. Due to the long distances and therefore the difficulty of meeting physically in rural areas, current communication is through group chats on mobile phones.

Gatherings & Celebrations – As the program grows, we  gather families of participants in the same village to share activities, celebrate progress, and recognize achievements.

Satellite Ambassadors - Rather than start from scratch by adding a new family from the same village every time, initial recipients for each project will be “satellite ambassadors”.  Here, children, with the help of parents are encouraged to empower other children by being telling others the projects in which they are involved.

Show, tell, and give – Here is an example of being a satellite ambassador. When an initial recipient family in the “Chicken Project” raises several chicks to 3 months old, we encourage them to give one of the hens to another child from the village. Another family supplies the rooster. If one family has “layers”, we hold a “brag party” (small, even if it’s one neighbor’s child) to eat some eggs, thus sowing a seed of desire for the other child to get some chickens as well.

Rewards for achievement - We reward creativity and achievement. Examples include giving more seeds, seedlings, more chicken, bigger animals like goats and cows, competitive tuition scholarships, and other prizes. Sustaining each project will get cheaper and more doable as the projects expand in the community. 

These activities are applied to as many Trustlines projects as possible to minimize the number of times Trustlines gives a “starter kit” to new families in the same area.

Collaboration & technical assistance toward self-sufficiency is ongoing. 
  Your contribution of time, money and moral support are always appreciated!

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