Second-Hand Goods Project 
The inability to adequately provide basic needs in life is partly due to extreme and generational poverty cycles. Trustlines addresses these challenges by distributing donated household goods for families. 
Many families do without basic household goods, like cups, plates, towels, bed sheets, silverware, clothes, and others.  Some moms resort to covering the children with their busuuti* at night, and wear them during the day. If a child wet the bed at night…., I am sure the mom finds a solution! Through the kindness of others, goods have been donated to boost family living standards. Trustlines regularly

  •  Collects basic household items
  •  Distributes items to needy families  
  •  Accepts money to go toward these expenses
    We make a difference

    One project at a time 
    One family at a time
    One child at a time
    One step at a time

* A busuuti is a wide and long local traditional outfit that is big enough to act as a bed sheet.

Your contribution  would go a long way in purchasing long-lasting second hand house hold items.
We collaborate  with recipients and provide technical assistance to help them attain self-sufficiency .