The Chicken Project
​​Equip the Schools Campaign
The Backpacks Project
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 We reduce back to school anxiety  when we provide otherwise unaffordable needed supplies.
    The surprise and excitement on the faces of 6-12 year olds when they get a rooster and a hen to rear and own is precious!
 Many schools are not only crowded, but they are inadequately equipped We assist in things like desks. 
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 Yogurt/Milk Project
Agriculture Project
   Children and adults participate in 
 fun and hands-on ways of making yogurt and other uses of milk.
    Focuses on simple efficient and productive farming methods, better equipment, and a safe water supply..
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Sanitary Pads
Second Hand Goods Project
   For $5  per girl,  per year, we  keep more  girls in school and improve graduation rates when we provide sanitary pads
  Many families need household goods, like cups, plates, towels, bed sheets, silverware, clothes, and others.
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Vocational Skills Project 
The Livestock Project
Water Project
As families progress on the road to self-sufficiency, training in a variety of skills increasingly becomes  essential.  
​​Communities lack clean water. This brook can be cleaned up at a reasonable cost. 
   Based on merit, 12-15 year olds get a farm animal if they pass national primary exams and are admitted to secondary schools.
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Mirembe Progressive School - Zirobwe
​​One of the rural schools in the Wobulenzi war-torn area is determined to give students a good education, in spite of challenges. 
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The  School Founders