Equip the Schools Campaign

Some schools are not only crowded, but they are inadequately equipped to run efficiently.  Other schools are not crowded but they are still inadequately equipped to serve students

Trustlines assists in school items such as buy
  • Chalk boards:  equip 7 elementary school rooms
  • Educational posters: for classrooms
  • Desks & benches:  to reduce overcrowding; example, to sit 2 students instead of 4
  • Textbooks:  for students to share 
  • Copies/printers:  to print and copy homework sheets
  • Laptop/PC: for teachers to share
  • School Uniforms: for students in need 
  • Tuition subsidies/scholarships:   for orphans, low income students and top performers for one term/semester

We make a difference

One project at a time 
One family at a time
One child at a time
One step at a time

We collaborate with recipients and provide technical assistance to help them attain self-sufficiency 
Donors for This Project

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