Educating a Village - One Child at a Time
Backpacks, School Supplies & Scholarships


​​In the United States, back to school time is often a mixture of excitement and anxiety for children wanting to see their friends again and to catch up.  Across Africa, the story changes to anxiety for both the children and parents. The parents are anxious because they can barely afford school expenses. The children are also anxious because they know the parents cannot afford what they need for school.  Some of them make it back to school with what they need. Others return to school late or do not return at all due to lack of school supplies, school fees and/ or a uniform. The children often remind parents about the needs regularly to no avail.  

This is where Trustlines comes in. It focuses on needy children who lack basic scholastic materials. This reduces the burden of costs associated with going to school.


  • Accepts gently used backpacks and gives them to children
  • Collects & distributes school supplies - school note books, pens, pencils and pencil sharpeners, sanitary pads
  • Includes food seeds in the backpacks + an invitation for the caretakers to join the agriculture project to feed the family 
  • Adds sanitary pads for families with teenage girls
  • Accepts donations for scholarships 

We incentivize the hard work of the children with good report cards with increasingly valuable rewards such as providing a semester’s back to school supplies, a uniform, semester’s scholarship, and others.  

We make a difference
One project at a time 
One family at a time
One child at a time

One step at a time

We collaborate with recipients and provide technical assistance to help them attain self-sufficiency 
You can also participate in  "Equip the Schools Campaign" Many schools are not only crowded, but they are ill equipped. We assist in things like desks .  

Donors for This Project
UP-FRONT Real Estate - Certified Independent Appraisals, Lebanon, CT
Luke's Episcopal Church - Members, Boone, NC 
AppHealthCare - Friends, Boone, NC
Church of the Ascension - Children, New York, NY 
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